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Landscape Painting in Loches, France
Rising Grades: 9th - 12th (for 20 - 21 school year)
Summer 2020: July 4 - 18, 2020
Trip Leader: Kate Manzo
Cost: $4290

Registration for Loches, France is open and can be found at here! Registration closes on November 1, 2019!

Art in Loches, France allows students the chance to study realistic landscape drawing and painting techniques working outdoors (in “plein-air”) with Ms. Manzo in the scenic Loire Valley, known for its gardens and chateaus. For morning classes, students travel from their home base at the St. Denis International School in the picturesque medieval town of Loches to beautiful nearby sites. When not in their outdoor ‘classroom,’ travelers enjoy participating in cultural excursions, day trips, or fun group activities with students from around the globe.  This trip runs concurrent with the French language study trip ran by Mr. Eric Becker, so both art and French language Lausanne students will partake in the same afternoon, evening and weekend activities. TTo find our more email




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